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English-taught courses

Here you can find an overview of the lectures in English, a description of the International Program and the Module Handbooks of each study course.

For more information about course day, time and where the course takes place, please use WebUntis.





Bachelor MKI / METI

Bachelor ThesisSeveralAll12
Aspects of CommunicationHimpelAll5
Cloud ComputingSchöllerAll5
Database Systems 2HertkornOnly Fall5
InternetworkingSchöllerOnly Fall5
Introduction to Statistics + BiometryThiesOnly Spring5
Med. InformationsystemsThiesOnly Spring5
Media ProjectKloos/HartmannAll5
MKI+METI Bachelor ColloquiumSeveralAll5
Mobile ComputingMartinezAll5

Bachelor WI

Bachelor ThesisSeveralAll12
Business ConsultingSchlegelAll5
Business ModellingZeiseAll5
Business Informatics ProjectSeveralAll5
Corporate FinanceSchürleAll5
Distributed SystemsSchmollingerAll5
Management & ControllingRothAll5
Software Engineering/Project ManagementDecker/BlankAll5
Web ProgrammingGutbrodAll5

Master HUC

Formal MethodsHimpelAll5
Interactive SystemsTulliusAll5
HUC Master Project: Internet of ThingsMartinezAll5
HUC Master Project: VirtualRealityLabKloosAll5

Master WI

Data Management and AnalyticsPetrovAll5

Redaktion: Irene Merdian

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