English-taught courses

Here you can find an overview of the lectures in English, a description of the International Program and the Module Handbooks of each study course.

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Distributed SystemsMartinezBachelor MKIAll5
Media ProjectTerpinc/ KloosBachelor MKIAll5
Mobile ComputingMartinezBachelor MKIAll5
Formal MethodsMartinezMaster HUCAll5
Cloud Computing SchöllerBachelor MKIAll5
InternetworkingSchöllerBachelor MKIOnly WS5
Computer GraphicsKloosBachelor MKIAll5
Data Management and AnalyticsIliaMaster WIAll5
Business ModellingBönkeBachelor WIAll9
Interactive SystemsTulliusMaster HUCAll5
HUC Master Project: Internet of ThingsMartinezMaster HUCAll5
HUC Master Project: VirtualRealityLabKloosMaster HUCAll5
MKI+METI Bachelor ColloquiumSeveralBachelor MKI/ METIAll5
Bachelor ThesisSeveralWI / MKI/ METIAll12
Software EngineeringDeckerBachelor WIAll5
Web ProgrammingGutbrodBachelor WIAll5

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