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Reading Center

Project description

Aim of this project is the development of a Reading Center platform for examination of medical data by experts in the context of health studies. It is currently applied in the nationwide study "Nationale Kohorte" with 250000 participants as well as two smaller scale studies of the University Eye Hospital Tübingen

General design realizes the DevOps paradigm essential for medical information systems.

The reading center provides an integrated solution for

  • Multicentric, webbased data integration via customizable interfaces
  • External data processing and reintegration such as image feature extraction
  • Multiple investigators and voting in case of mismatches
  • Adaptive catalogs and forms for different trials and studies
  • Distributed thin- and fat-client GUIs for distributed examiners

The software platform is based on a configureable multi-tier framework consisting of

  • a flexible persistance layer generated by an XML representation of the data model 
  • multiple persistance mechanisms such as SQL and NO-SQL databases
  • an application layer offering plug-ins for external data processing
  • a web interface offering generic data binding to the persistance layer
  • a generic data mapping model into the persistance layer
  • arbitrary configuration of interface formats such as CDA, HL7, FHIR
  • a mapping and serialization framework for GUI and server development
  • X509 based data security for PKI

The project is part of the CAMed research focus on understanding the fundamental principles and paradigms of distributed data integration in medical applications. The applied framework supports modelling, development and operations of medical information systems in general.




Prof. Dr. Christian Thies
Thies, C.Mail
Thies, C. Website

 Dr. Lucien Clin
Clin, L.Mail
Clin, L. Website
Collaboration partners

Ueffing Lab, Institute for Ophthalmic Research, University Hospital Tübingen
PD Dr. med Martin Leitritz, University Eye Hospital, University Hospital Tübingen




Clin L, Leitritz MA, Dietter J, Dynowski M, Burgert O, Ueffing M, Thies C; Design, Implementation and Operation of a Reading Center Platform for Clinical Studies. In Randell R, Cornet R, McCowan C, Peek N, Scott PJ (Eds.); Informatics For Health: Connected Citizen-led Wellness and Population Health, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Vol. 235:33-7,2017. (doi to be verified)


Clin L, Leitritz MA, Brand L, Dietter J, Burgert O, Dynowski M, Ueffing M, Thies C A General Software Framework for Reading Centers with Application to Ophthalmology Findings in Clinical Studies and Telemedicine, Clinical Studies and Telemedicine; Eur J Epidemiol (2016) 31(Sup 1):36–7.


Clin L, Leitritz MA, Dietter J, Thies C A web-based software architecture and framework for integration of an ophthalmologic reading center in large scale multi-center studies, In GMDS 2014; 59. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie e.V. DOI:


Thies C, Petrov I Hospital Information Systems on High Performance and Energy Efficient Database Systems, Procs. GMDS 2013,

Redaktion: Lucien Clin

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