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Welcome Information


Please complete the online application by May 15 (for planned stays in winter semester). To start your application process, please visit our online portal (only applications for winter semester 2016/17).

You have to create an account (right side of the screen) in order to use the portal. As soon as this is done, you can log in to the portal via your newly created account (left side of the screen).


  • Make sure you spell all parts of your name (all names) correctly and list them in the correct order: give your last name/family name/surname separately from your given name(s) /first name(s). The way you spell your name and the order in which you list the parts of your name will be shown on your student ID card and also used for your university email address. If you make a mistake that has to be corrected later, you will be asked to pay a correction charge.
  • Correct and active email address
  • Select your school at Reutlingen University as indicated in this e-mail
  • Confirm that yes, you are coming from a partner university
    • Academic transcript of records (pdf)
    • CV (pdf)
    • Master’s students only: certificate confirming that you have passed your Bachelor’s degree (pdf)
    • Certificate of enrolment/proof that you are still enrolled at your home university while on exchange in Reutlingen (could be handed in on arrival if it can’t be issued now) (pdf)
    • Passport sized picture for student ID card (preferably 300x400 pixels; your head should be completely visible)
Language Requirements and Timeline

To study in German or in English Language: minimum B2

Please make sure you are able to follow classes in a foreign language before you start your semester abroad!

  • December/June: Course selection
  • December/June 15: Dorm application deadline (see instructions below /
    Your International Office will receive your Letter of Acceptance
  • February/August: You will receive contact information of your Student4Student (student buddy) and arrival information
  • March 1/September 1: Dorm check in starts
  • March/September: Pre-semester Intensive German course
  • March/October: Enrolment
  • October 04: Classes start (valid for winter semester 2016/17)
  • February 08, 2017: End of exam period (valid for winter semester 2016/17)
  • August/March: Issue and distribution of transcript of records (will be sent the International Office of your home university)
  • August 31/February 28: Latest possible “dorm move out date”

Please find a general academic calendar of Reutlingen University at (service panel on right hand side).


For information on student residences in Reutlingen, please see:


  • We advise you to send your applications to the student residences by June 15 at the latest. Later applications run the risk of being disregarded.
  • Normally you won’t get a confirmation from the housing association that your application has been received. The housing associations will only notify you if your application has been successful.
  • If you don’t receive a room offer by the end of July, please contact us, so we can assist you in finding accommodation. It is your responsibility to actively approach us if you are still in need of a room.
  • The rental period for most dormitory rooms is September 01, 2016 – February 28 2017. In general, it is not possible to move in at an earlier date (you generally have to pay 6 months’ rent even if you arrive late or check out earlier).
  • Date of arrival: Generally it is not possible to receive your keys and move into your dormitory room on a Saturday or Sunday. We strongly recommend that you schedule your arrival on a weekday! More arrival information will be sent to you in February/August (arrival form, arrival guide)
  • For assistance with your arrival please contact your Student4Student (student buddy; you will receive his/her email address around mid-February/mid-August at the latest)

If you prefer to look for private accommodation, we recommend that you take a look at the Reutlingen University Accommodation Portal, where private landlords advertise vacant rooms and flats (in German only):

Course Choice

The responsible coordinator in your school/study program will contact you in May/June to assist you with your course choice. Additionally to the courses offered by the schools, the Reutlingen International Office (RIO) offers lectures as part of the International Programs (you will be informed by your Coordinator); the Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF) offers German language courses, foreign language courses and workshops.

The final course choice, registration and scheduling will be done after your arrival at Reutlingen University with the assistance of your coordinator.

German Courses

The Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF) offers German language courses and workshops for all international students at the University both before and during the semester.

The semester courses are offered at all levels from Beginners (A1) to Advanced (C1), Business German, a preparatory course for the TestDaF exam and other extra courses are also available. These courses are free of charge, and ECTS credits can be awarded for most of them.

The Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF) also offers intensive pre-semester German language courses: the intensive courses "Business German" and the three-week "German Language and Culture" in September, and a shorter intensive German course in March.

For further information on the German courses click here, for other IfF offers click here.

Arrival preparation/Student4Student (buddy student)

The contact data will be sent to you later (see calendar above). As it is not possible to receive your keys and move into your dormitory room on a Saturday or Sunday or late in the evening, we strongly recommend that you schedule your arrival on a weekday!


Your coordinator will inform you and all other international exchange students in your school about a meeting to complete the enrolment together.

Needed documents for enrolment
In addition to the application documents which you have already submitted, the following documents are needed for enrolment at Reutlingen University:

  • A certificate of enrolment from your home institution certifying that you are registered there as a student for the period you are in Reutlingen, and on what programme you are enrolled at your home university. This letter must be in German, French, or English (if not already uploaded during online application)
  • Postgraduate students need to hand in a copy of their Bachelor’s Degree certificate (if not already uploaded during online application)
  • A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for EU-students
  • Non-EU students must also provide evidence that they have health insurance during their stay in Germany. This may be in the form of a health insurance certificate or card (validity date and country must be indicated) from your insurance provider at home. As an alternative you can consider signing a contract with a German insurance company upon arrival. Depending on whether it is a private or a statutory health insurance company, fees vary from approximately 40 to 81 euros per month. For more information please see:
  • Non-EU students: Two paper copies of your visa/residence permit (only if applicable)
  • €86.10 in cash for administration and student services.

Please ensure that you have the documents and items listed above with you when you arrive in Reutlingen.

Redaktion: Irene Merdian

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